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Board Charter

The Board of Directors of Kuchai Development Berhad has formalised its Board. This Board Charter acts as a source of reference and primary induction literature to provide insights to prospective Board members and Senior Management. It is also to assist the Board in the assessment of its own performance and of individual Directors. The Board will periodically review the Board Charter to ensure relevance of its application.

The Board Charter is published on Kuchai Development Berhad’s website in line with Recommendation 1.7 of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2012.

Kuchai Development Berhad Board Charter

Code of Conduct & Business Ethics

It is a fundamental requisite of the Group that all its employees are expected to observe and comply with the Code of Conduct and Rules & Regulations applicable to the Group's business and that they are expected to behave / act in an ethical standard of integrity.

Kuchai Development Berhad Code of Conduct & Business Ethics

AGM Minutes

Kuchai Development Berhad Board AGM Minutes 2017

Kuchai Development Berhad Board AGM Minutes 2016

Board Diversity Policy

Kuchai Development Berhad Board Diversity Policy